Exorcism and the Church Militant

TítuloExorcism and the Church Militant
Tipo de publicaciónBook
Year of Publication2010
AutoresEuteneuer, T. J.
PublisherHuman Life International
Palabras clavecatolicismo, demonología, exorcismo, Iglesia, religión, Teología

The phenomenon of demonic possession is one of the most frightening realities of the fallen human condition—and one of the most misunderstood. For those who seeks insight into this aspect of the Christian Faith, Fr. Euteneuer has compiled a compendium of the basic teachings about exorcism, which will give the reader an insider’s perspective on the Church’s warfare against the enemy of our souls. The devil, however, is not the subject of this book. Christ’s victory over him—through the Church—is the motive and subject of this work. May all who read it grow in faith and in the certain knowledge of how strong the Church stands against the power of Hell.