Blue Division Soldier 1941–45

TítuloBlue Division Soldier 1941–45
Tipo de publicaciónBook
Year of Publication2009
AutoresCaballero Jurado, C., and R. Bujeiro
Series TitleWarrior
Number of Pages64
PublisherOsprey Publishing
ISBN Number9781846034121
Palabras claveDivisión Azul, Historia, insignias, militar, uniformes

The all-volunteer ‘Blue Division’ was a formation that allowed Franco’s technically neutral Spain to support Nazi Germany’s invasion of Russia. Following initial training in Germany, the Blue Division’s units were sent to the Eastern Front in August 1941, where, after a 40-day march to the front, the Division fought in several major actions including Leningrad. In 1943, with the tide turning against the Axis forces in Russia, the Division was ordered to be withdrawn, yet many men chose to stay on and serve with the Volunteer Legion. Even after the collapse in the East, some volunteered to serve with Waffen-SS units through to the fall of Berlin in 1945. This book narrates the experiences of the common soldier, exploring his motivation for serving the Wehrmacht, and detailing his dramatic experiences in a brutal and hostile theatre of World War II.